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Why doesn't craft grain use compostable packaging?

This is a question we grapple with every day.

Our heirarchy of preference for packaging choices is as follows:

  • No packaging

  • It can be reused

  • It can be recycled

  • It is completely compostable (aerobic and anaerobically)


While we are actively searching for the right solution for our scale, the reality is that our region does not accept any type of compostable packaging in municipally managed waste-streams. Compostable plastics are largely unstandardized and their compositions vary hugely thus making it unfeasible for most commercial facilities in our region to process them effectively. They are considered contaminants in the green waste (compost) and recycling streams and add to the cost of processing and reduce the viability of those streams.  

We have experimented with cellulose packaging which can be put in household compost, but they did not keep our product fresh enough for long enough. We will be revisiting this option with new product formulations and packaging configurations that might be more suitable for this solution. 

Our long term plans include exploring re-useable packaging like steel or glass containers and we are always offering our products to progressive zero-waste retailers who buy in bulk without any packaging. This is by far our favourite option!

In the meantime, we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to move our business towards a better, eco-effective future. So please, drop us a line if you're passionate about this topic. We need all hands on deck!